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Lumnia is a metal band from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), formed by Odete Salgado (vocals), Marcel Gil (guitar), Hugo Neves (guitar), Pedro Mello (bass) and Matheus Moura (drums), in 2020. Mixing elements of modern, symphonic and doom metal, the band seeks to create dark atmospheres with heavy instrumentals and lyrical vocals.

In 2021, the band record their debut album: Humanity Despair. The concept album presents in 12 tracks humanity's journey through its shadows to transcendence. The lyrics deal with themes such as loss, despair, hatred, depression, and acceptance of the shadows as a possibility of overcoming pain.

The recordings of Humanity Despair took place at Valhalla Dungeon Studios, in Petrópolis, a mountain region in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The album was mixed and mastered by Guilherme de Siervi, who is also responsible for the scores.



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